Saturday, March 5, 2011

Differentiate This!!

It is impossible to explain to the uninitiated the state of affairs that is ACPS, these days.  As a veteran teacher, I am dumbfounded at what passes for best practices and stupefied by the senseless coaching sessions designed to implement those same practices.  Not only has teacher training become a tortuous ritual where successful, veteran teachers are forced to endure absurdist discourse, but the interminable meetings pull teachers out of the classroom and away from students.  During conversations with teachers from other school districts, I am frequently reduced to foaming at the mouth as I relate the latest Mortification masquerading as staff development.

Thank God for YouTube!  Under the category, funny but on the mark, I give you...differentiation, Alexandria style.  Would that I could express the inanity, the frustration, the Twilight Zone nature of it as well!

"In de ene helft van ons leven offeren we ons leven op om geld te verdienen. In de andere helft offeren we ons geld om weer gezond te worden" 


  1. So much of this is verbatim to what takes place in our quarterly meetings and SIOP sessions! Make it stop!!!

  2. SOL's...success rate??? What are you smoking? The SOL's have been derided by every reputable educator/evaluation extant! If the SOL's and success rates that they fuel are what you care about, you need to do some research!