Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here it is have the comment of the week!

Answers to Anonymous: 1. You have to use the new math to see the percentage increase of success on previous poor performing students in a more rigorous. 2. & 2.4 Yes they will attend schools in their neighborhood because there may not be a McDonald's close by as there is at T.C. where you see them going in the morning 3. Yes because with more opportunities to attend class that makes their current absentee rate look good, and even if they attend only 2 or 3 more classes their attendance ratio has improved. 4. (OK being serious now..)The AP passing rate isn't what made us PLA, those students are the ones who made our graduation rate acceptable. Most of the students who take AP classes are prepared for the exams and take them very seriously. 5. The students who take AP exams pass the SOL tests and usually with very high scores. 6. Good question and one that is asked almost daily in the teacher workrooms. Counselors are busy doing IAP's on every student (3.00 and above) instead of monitoring the lower performing students academic progress. 7. Another good question. Teachers are given a task i.e. IAP's then there's a workshop on it. You start to do it then the rules change, then they change again. You're always playing catch up because the rules change. It makes you confused, defeated and depressed. Sometimes the frustration makes you want to scream.
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  1. 7. What a waste of my time and the teachers' time! A quick email that copied all parties would have accomplished the same thing thus freeing up time for the teachers to focus on students who don't make all A's (or even all C's). It only reinforces what people have said about TC for a while - It's either Yale or Jail.

  2. Something which I think is symptomatic of the Sherman regime is lack of choice for all parties involved. IAP's could be mandatory for those students in dire need of intervention and voluntary for those students/parents who feel they would benefit from the plan. But giving folks a choice in the matter is antithetical to the way Mort does things--god forbid, his subjects should make their own decisions.

  3. Maybe another motto for TC could be
    No Voice
    No Choice

    That's how we roll...

  4. As a T.C. Williams graduate, I find it sad that IAPs and catch phrases are what ACPS feels will address the concerns at my alma mater. When I went to T.C. we didn't have worthless acronyms, we had caring teachers and good guidance counselors. The teachers pushed you and told you what was working and what you had to fix, and the guidance counselors steered you where you needed to go depending on what you wanted to do in life. Now, everyone is given a computer generated form so the school can document what it is doing. Guidance counselors are reduced to administrative assistants, and the teachers are given one meaningless task after another which takes them away from their students. What a sham.

    And as far as the "Imagine the Titans" and "Fulfill the Promise" crap. I would seriously hope that within the past 40 years other positive stories and products have come out of T.C. besides the actions of a football team, glorified and fictionalized by Disney. Not to take away from the accomplishments of the 1971 team, but really, there is nothing else that makes T.C., T.C.? I guess that it is after all a superstar movie produced by a film company known for fantasy. That seems to be right up Mr. Sherman's alley.