Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here it is...your comment of the week!!

"So why not spend a few more days there
getting a great education?" Here are a few
reasons: 1) It is presently not a great education.
The State did not just make up the PLA label
out of nowhere. As a graduate of T.C. Williams
I am shocked by what I see allowed within my
old high school. 2) Countless research (thank
you to those who cited what was put out by
the School Board) does not indicate that throwing
more time into the equation produces any better
results. 3) Extra days = extra dollars. The economy
is still in a recession and local governments, this one
included, do not have the money to waste on dispelled
initiatives. 4) This is just one more variable put into
place alongside countless initiatives crammed in one
after the other by the superintendent. If there is
success at T.C. and other schools, what will be
determined to be the cause of that success?
Increased time, a change in staff, revamped
curriculum, fresh fruits and veggies? An
elementary understanding of  planning and 
experimentation dictates that you minimize the 
variables to best draw conclusions and replicate 
what works. Learning opportunities outside of 
the classroom impact students far beyond the 
concrete walls of our schools. Increasing time 
within school and adding days to the year decreases 
those opportunities and thus decreases positive impacts on student learning.See more...
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