Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Open Letter and A Bit Of A Lecture

Just over a week ago The Underground sent a request to Dr. Sherman's Communication's Director.  A response indicated that Dr. Sherman would be willing to answer a series of questions under certain circumstances.  To date, no responses have been forthcoming.  I am urging each of the followers of The Underground to contact  Mrs. Alexander and ask that the questions posed, be answered.

Kelly L. Alexander 
Director, Community/School Partnerships and Communications 
Alexandria City Public Schools 
2000 North Beauregard Street 
Alexandria, Virginia 22311 
Tel: 703-824-6635 
Fax: 703-824-6741 

Additionally (and this is the last time that this will be addressed), there are a few reasons why some comments are deleted from the blog.  The first is technical, and it affects comments of all persuasions.  From time to time, your comments are routed to the spam folder automatically.  There, they are known to languish before being discovered and, at other times deleted.  More commonly, though, the comments that are deleted fall into one of two areas:

1) Constant, non-productive, sniping between two commenters-this is a waste of everyone's time and, in short, won't be tolerated.
2) The same couple of individuals, who are unabashedly pro-Sherman (and that's fine), continually make the point that The Underground only serves to poke holes in the "vision" and strategy of the Sherman administration, without offering any alternatives.  These comments are deleted because they are red herrings and simply distractions.  Anyone who takes the time to read both the posts and the comments on this blog knows that both contain thoughtful and thought provoking alternatives (admittedly, not always) to what currently is pitched by the administration as effective best practices.

This blog does not purport to be one in which all points of view are given equal time and representation. If you feel as if your viewpoints are not receiving the consideration that they deserve, please, start your own blog.

"Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills." 


  1. There are times when this blog seems biased and a bit like a tabloid. But it is the only one like it on the web and it has provided a huge benefit to so many people already, that I am willing to forgive its imperfections.

  2. To those who feel slighted by this forum:
    You can always post your ideas and comments on Dr. Sherman's blog. He updates it daily, responds immediately, and encourages open and honest dialog. (my nose just grew a foot)

  3. All well and good. It's your party you can delete if you want too. It's too bad though because while group think may feel good, overall it is not healthy for this community. Closed conversations among liked minds equals isolation and division. There is so much that divides this community already an open conversation would have really been something positive, even in disagreement. As for the Sups Blog, I am not dismayed that it isn't a constantly updated blog, I'm glad it isn't there is too much to work to do, but I appreciate the forum and will continue to participate whether it's updated monthly, quarterly or whatever. I always spoke my mind, my posts were not deleted and many times I spoke in disagreement with the Sup. Look forward to seeing the underground teachers when I visit school, somehow I just feel I'll know one when I see one.

  4. You are right, 11:35. It is becoming easier to spot the Underground teachers. I see them doing all sorts of terrible things when I visit my child's school. They are using creative approaches to teaching and ignore the command and control philosophy that creates 'Stepford Classrooms.' They are the ones who use empathy, consistency and high expectations to bring about discipline. They seem not to be able to grasp the gift giving concept. They are the ones in the hallways who truly discuss what are the most effective, best practices. They ignore the demand that they implement those that are imposed by consultants who have pulled them from their classrooms ad nauseum to learn inane practices.
    I know what you can spot 'em in a heartbeat.

  5. Why have none of my comments ever been approved for posting on the Superintendent's blog? They are germane and thoughtful? I'm becoming disenchanted with this administration, where once I was supportive.